A Free Online Course for GP teams on Making Healthcare Accessible


Healthcare should be easy for everyone to access, including people with disabilities. A free online course helps doctors and their teams learn how to do this. It’s called “Pre-Accreditation Training: Accessibility of Services for Patients with Disabilities or Impairments,” you can find it here.

What the Course Teaches

This course teaches doctors and healthcare teams how to make their offices and services better for patients with disabilities. It explains the rules they need to follow and gives ideas on making places easy to get around in and use.

Course Details

  • Quick Start (10 minutes):
    • Learn About the Law: Understand the Disability Discrimination Act and its updates.
    • Why This Matters: Learn why it’s important for healthcare to be accessible.
  • First Part: Making Spaces Easy to Use (15 minutes)
    • Fix the Space: Make doors, hallways, and rooms easy to move through.
    • Help for Wheelchair Users: Add things like ramps and special bathrooms.
    • Parking and More: Ensure there are good parking spots and helpful handrails.
  • Second Part: Help Beyond the Physical (10 minutes)
    • Use Technology: Use online visits and videos to help those who can’t come in person.
    • Clear Signs and Info: Put up easy-to-read signs and offer information in different ways.
    • Visiting Patients at Home: Learn when and how to visit patients at their homes.
  • Third Part: Working with Assistance Animals (15 minutes)
    • Know the Rules: Learn about the rights of assistance animals in medical settings.
    • How Animals Help: See how these animals support their owners.
    • Keep Things Smooth: Learn to have assistance animals in the office without problems.
  • Fourth Part: Learning from Examples (10 minutes)
    • See What Works: Hear about offices that have made good changes.
    • Keep Getting Better: Find out how to keep improving.

More About the Course

You can read all the lessons online whenever you want. They’re written so everyone can understand them, and there are links to more information about disability rights.

Finishing the Course

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate showing that you have learned important things about improving healthcare for everyone.


This course helps doctors ensure everyone can use their services, regardless of their needs. It’s not just about following rules; it’s about ensuring everyone gets the care they deserve.

Ready to Learn?

If you’re interested, click here to start learning how to make your healthcare practice better for everyone.