What is Dry Needling used for?

Dry needling is a way to help ease muscle pain using very thin needles. It targets sore spots in muscles, which can make other parts of the body hurt too. This method is often used for pain in muscles and bones. Usually, dry needling is done by physiotherapists.

Helps with Neck and Shoulder Pain

Studies show that dry needling can quickly help make pain in the neck and shoulders go away for a little while. It uses needles that don’t have any medicine to help the sore areas feel better.

Good for Muscle Knots

Dry needling can help muscle knots hurt less and help muscles move more easily for a short time. It works better than just pretending to treat the pain or doing nothing at all.

When Used with Other Treatments

When dry needling is used with other treatments, like exercises or massages, it doesn’t always help more. This means it helps, but not more than the usual exercises or massages.

Immediate Pain Relief

This technique can quickly reduce pain in the upper parts of the body, like the shoulders. But it’s not sure if it helps reduce pain for a long time.

Works Differently for Everyone

How well dry needling works can change depending on the person and how long they use the treatment. For some people, it might not work as well after a while or might be the same as other treatments they are trying.

Take home message

Dry needling can be good for quick relief from muscle pain, especially in the neck and shoulders. It might work better when used with other treatments. But how well it works can be different for everyone. It’s important to find the best treatment that fits each person’s needs.