Is your GP rorting Medicare? Most certainly not. The majority of GPs are honest hard-working doctors who got really offended recently. They were offended by the sleek multimillion software entrepreneurs who made ridiculous claims against ALL doctors in Australia.
Here is the open letter that one GP practice gave to its patients. You are welcome to do the same.
You can download a copy of this letter here.

Dear Patient of ours,

You may have read some articles claiming that $8 billion dollars are rorted out of Medicare by doctors.
This is not true. There was not a single shred of evidence provided by the authors of those articles. Who are the people who made those claims?
One is a woman who is looking forward to multimillion profits from selling her software that ‘bills Medicare right’. She needs to create panic, fear and hate to sell her product and receive millions of dollars from medical practices. Practices that hardly survive now will have to pay exuberant fees to this woman. Do you think those costs will be passed to you?
Another author is a former ‘Medicare cop’ who caught a couple of bad doctors who rorted Medicare. Then he became angry that he did not catch more and started ‘catching’ honest doctors. Those doctors took him to Court. The Court threw the book at the guy dismissing his allegations against the doctors. He has limited credibility, really.
The absolute majority of the doctors are hard-working, honest people who are far from being rich. There are bad apples among the doctors though. Medicare, the Australian Government has been doing a great job catching them. Millions of dollars were returned back to you, the taxpayers, as a result. Doctors themselves delivered those bad actors to Medicare more than anyone else in the public. The claim that every third consultation is a fraud does not add up. And it cannot because it is not true.
Do we look like rorters to you? Think of your GP, who addressed your health issue lately or even saved your life. Think of a nurse who tended to your wound with kindness and care. Do they look like rorters and fraudsters to you?
The woman who accused ALL Australian doctors of being fraudsters stands to make millions of dollars out of this fear campaign. Who are the losers in this situation? The losers are you and your GP. The result of this mayhem created by those articles is that the Government will cease the situation and abandon Medicare altogether. They will adopt the British failed NHS system. Call your relatives and friends in the UK. Ask them if they are happy with 20-second GP appointments.
We, you and us are the victims of a deliberate campaign by money-hungry entrepreneurs and forces in the Government who want to cancel the Australian pride – Medicare. Together, we will prevail. We will not allow sleek multimillion-dollar software developers and shifty politicians to deprive us of the freedom to choose the doctor. We will not allow them to deprive us of the choice of how long we are to have a consultation with the doctor.
Who are the rorters here? Please, think and make up your own mind. Do not allow anyone to tell you what to think. Those multimillionaires in the media and rich software developers want you to think as they command. Look at the facts, look in your heart.
We are here for you. We will think of your health issues day and night, we will tend to your wounds. Thank you for trusting us and always welcome.
Your medical practice.