What is ablutophobia?

Ablutophobia is a mental health disorder when a person fears taking a bath. That fear is not real. There is no danger in taking a bath. However, some people cannot get over themselves.

Do I have a fear of bathing or ablutophobia?

Some people do not like taking a bath. That may be because the warm water in the bath is causing skin problems. However, if a person does not have any skin problems after taking a bath but fears the bath strongly, this person is likely to have ablutophobia.

Who gets ablutophobia and why?

Adults and children suffer from ablutophobia. Scientists do not fully understand the reasons for ablutophobia. One of the reasons for fear of bathing in adults may be some bad experiences in childhood.

Can ablutophobia be cured? Can I get rid of ablutophobia?

Yes. Just like any other psychological problem, ablutophobia can be cured. There is no guarantee. The best first step is to see your GP. Your GP will make a correct referral to the right service.