Q1: What is Australian Privacy Principle 6 (APP 6)?

A1: APP 6 is a set of rules in Australia that talks about how companies use and share our personal information.

Q2: What does the term “Primary Purpose” mean in the context of APP 6?

A2: Primary purpose means the main reason why a company collects our information. For example, if you give your details at the doctor’s, the main reason is to help with your healthcare.

Q3: How does APP 6 relate to the collection of information from patients?

A3: APP 6 is important when companies, like hospitals, collect information from patients. It says they should only collect what they really need for the main reason, like providing healthcare.

Q4: What is a “Related Secondary Purpose” under APP 6?

A4: Sometimes, they might use your information for something related, like health research. But they can only do this if it’s connected to the main reason and you’d expect it.

Q5: How should organisations handle information for related secondary purposes?

A5: Companies should tell us clearly why they’re collecting our information and what they might use it for. If they want to use it for something unexpected, they need to ask us first.

Q6: What steps should organisations take to ensure compliance with APP 6?

A6: Companies need to make sure they keep our information safe and only use it the way they said they would. They should have clear rules in place and follow them.

Q7: What are the consequences of non-compliance with APP 6?

A7: If companies don’t follow these rules, they could get in trouble. They might have to pay fines, and people might not trust them anymore.

Q8: How can organisations handling patient information ensure compliance with APP 6?

A8: To follow these rules, companies should be clear about what they’re doing with our information, keep it safe, and stick to the promises they make about using it.

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