Have you ever wondered what the dirtiest place in the human body is? It is the mouth.

Yes, the human mouth has over 615 different bacteria and viruses at any time. There are, literally, billions of bugs living in the human mouth.

There are several reasons why the mouth is the dirtiest place in the human body.

Reason number one is that the mouth is open often for eating, breathing and talking.

Reason number two is we receive food via mouth. Food carries a lot of bacteria on it.

Reason number three is kissing, sharing cups, cigarettes and other items. With those activities, we exchange the bugs with other people.

Reason four is that there are many small cavities between the teeth and the gums. Bacteria love those warm and wet places.

Is it horrifying news? No, not at all. It is perfectly normal to have that many bugs in one’s mouth. Most of the bacteria in our mouths are harmless. Some of the bacteria may become harmful and cause infections. That often happens during times of illness and stress. Stress reduces one’s immunity. When immunity is low – the harmless bacteria may become harmful.

Humans exchange over 80 million bacteria during a kiss. Does it mean that you must stop kissing? Not at all. That is because a healthy mouth has plenty of protection, making kissing another healthy person safe. Human saliva kills harmful bacteria.

A human mouth needs good care. Brushing your teeth and avoiding smoking are the best things to start with when looking after your mouth.

It is important to visit your dentist regularly. The dentist will look for bad teeth. Bad teeth have holes in them. Bacteria sets in those holes causing some health problems. Please, read more: Bad teeth may even cause heart disease.

Be well. Look after yourself.