What is zinc toxicity?

Zinc is a mineral that helps with lots of body functions like growth, DNA building, and tasting food. It’s found in oysters, red meat, and whole grains. Getting too much zinc from food is rare, but it can happen if you take too many vitamin supplements with zinc or accidentally swallow products with zinc in them, like certain household items. People who work with metals, like in making jewellery, can also get too much zinc.

When someone has too much zinc, they might feel really sick. Serious symptoms include throwing up, stomach pain, diarrhea, and feeling like you have the flu. But sometimes, too much zinc doesn’t show up right away. It might change your taste or lower your immunity, making you sick more often. Too much zinc can also mess with your cholesterol and make it harder for your body to use iron and copper, which are also important minerals.

Doctors can easily check if you have too much zinc with a simple blood test.

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