Skin cancer checkups are essential because skin cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide. Early detection is critical for successful treatment. Most skin cancers are treated completely if detected at early stages.

While it’s true that skin cancer is more prevalent during the summer months due to increased sun exposure, it can occur at any time of the year. Importantly, skin cancer can develop in areas not typically exposed to the sun, such as the feet, nails and scalp soles. The sun is not the only ‘culprit’ when we think of skin cancer. Some skin cancers develop due to exposure to chemicals in the clothes and food people consume.

Regular skin cancer checkups with Mole Check clinics can help detect skin cancer in its early stages when it’s most treatable. During a skin cancer checkup, doctors will examine your skin from head to toe, looking for any abnormalities or suspicious growths. They may also perform a biopsy of any suspicious areas to determine if they are cancerous.

Skin cancer checkups are necessary all year round because skin cancer can develop at any time, not just during the summer months, and early detection is critical for successful treatment.

One of the reputable networks of skin cancer clinics is called Mole Check located in Melbourne, Victoria. The doctors and staff at the clinics have years of experience.

Mole Check clinics practice at various locations around Melbourne:

St Kilda Road
Level 2, Suite 10, 517 St Kilda Rd,
Melbourne 3004

North Fitzroy
Level 1, 175 Holden Street,
Fitzroy North 3068

326 Centre Road Bentleigh 3204

Surrey Hills

619 Canterbury Road, VIC 3127