One of the readers asked: “How do I add my kids to my Medicare card?”

There are three different groups of children to be listed on the Medicare card. Those groups are – babies, children younger than 15 years old and children older than 15 years old.

How to add your baby to a Medicare card?

Your baby will appear on your Medicare card once enrolled in Medicare.

You should enrol your baby in Medicare as soon as possible. You can do this using the Newborn Child Declaration you get from the hospital where you gave birth to this baby.

Once the enrollment went through, Medicare sends you a new Medicare card with the baby’s name on it. You can get an electronic version of your updated card in the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

How to add a child 15 or older to your Medicare card?

The quickest way to add someone 15 or older to your Medicare card is to invite them online, using either:

Find out how to invite someone to your card.

You can also add someone to your card using a form.

How do I add children under 15 to an existing Medicare card?

You can add a child to an existing card if you’re a parent or guardian. This can be your current card or someone else’s card.

If the child is not on your current family card, you’ll need to show Medicare some documents, for example:

  • Family Court Order
  • Birth Certificate showing parental responsibility.

You’ll need to complete this form to add a child under 15 to an existing card.


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