Is it clever to lie to private Health insurance?
There was a question from the reader: I am applying for health insurance at the moment. They ask a lot of questions. If I tell the truth, I will look sick and they charge me more money. How can I avoid telling them the whole story?
Our reply: Getting a private Health insurance policy may be a good idea if you can afford it.
The process of obtaining Health Insurance begins with answering some questions. Then, normally, there is a medical exam required. However, many health and life insurance companies offer “no medical exam required” products.
What if you lie about your past medical history? What if you don’t tell the insurers that you are or were smoking? What if you have STD checks every 3 months? What if you lied about never having too many alcoholic drinks on the same day?
If you did not tell the truth, your claim may be rejected when you make one. When people make claims that are likely to cost health insurers a lot of money in medical bills, the insurance company starts collecting all the information. They search all the blood test places, all the doctors you have seen in years. They ask all those people to provide the reports. If you happened to lie to the insurance company, they might refuse to pay the bills that were supposed to be covered by your policy.