A couple of years ago, I was a healthy, happy 23 years old girl. I had lots of fun, studied, worked and was in a relationship. I lived in Melbourne, Australia – the most livable city in the world. Now I realise that my life was great at the time.

Slowly, all of that was disappearing. I felt less energy, ate out of boredom, and put on weight. The was less and less motivation to do things. I felt depressed.


I went to see my GP. My doctor listened to me and told me that I might suffer from depression.
She referred me to a psychologist and advised me to eat well and exercise.


None of that helped. I felt progressively worse. I was getting sick with a cold and flu every few weeks out of the blue. I also started to have some teeth problems.


I returned to my GP. She agreed to order some blood tests. I tested for STDs, thyroid, general blood tests and diabetes.
All tests returned normal. I was frustrated, needing the answers. What is wrong with me? My doctor insisted that I suffer from depression and offered me medications.


I thought I should give it a try. It seemed like the medications made me even more depressed. The very little interest in life and intimate contact I had before disappeared completely. I felt horrible. I stopped medications soon under the guidance of my GP.


My relationship fell apart. I had problems at work. I also had to take a break from studies being three quarters through my Master’s degree.
With whatever energy I had, I Googled my symptoms day and night. I came across an article about the connection between Vitamin D and depression.


I went back to my doctor and asked for the vitamin D test. She said I shouldn’t have vitamin D deficiency because I am young and spend enough time outdoors. Besides, I live in sunny Australia. Yet, she ordered the test without any delay. The results of the test were shocking. I had a vitamin D level of 28 nmol/L. The official normal level is above 50 nmol/L. I googled the topic and found that the vitamin D level should ideally be around 100 nmol/L.
My doctor immediately put me on a hefty dose of vitamin D.


I must confess. I took more vitamin D than my doctor told me because I read some scientific research.
A couple of weeks later, I felt better. Was it a delusion? I am not sure, but I definitely felt some improvement.
After three months of heavy supplementation with vitamin D, I returned to my GP to report the success. I also wanted to check my blood for vitamin D.
My doctor could not order another test because Medicare would not allow having two tests for vitamin D so close together.


I continued taking the supplements and felt better and better. I did not need any tests anymore. My ‘depression’ went away for good. I understand that this is just my personal story. There are people out there who suffer from real depression. They need medications and counselling.
My life has returned to normal. Well, almost. Let’s see how my date this coming Friday goes.

This is a personal health story. Nothing here or anywhere on this site constitutes health advice. If you have any concerns, please, see a health professional.