Chemist warehouse is a massive bunch of chemist shops in Australia. There are 350 Chemist Warehouse shops in Australia today.

Someone asked us today. Is Chemist warehouse cheaper because of poor quality? The answer is no. The chemist Warehouse store may look like a warehouse, but it is the same chemist shop as any other. It has the same licence. The Government regulates it just like any different chemist store. They have precisely the same medications as any other store too.

Why is Chemist Warehouse cheaper then? The answer is simple. The group is significant and needs fewer people to serve them. For example, any store needs an accountant, a bookkeeper, a lawyer, a marketing consultant, an IT professional, and many others that make things work. Imagine you need the same people to manage 10 or 50 stores. Of course, running such a big group is cheaper. At least, that is our take on answering the reader’s question.

Please, note that iSeeGP does not endorse Chemist Warehouse. We do not receive any payments from Chemist Warehouse. This article is just a reply to a question by the reader.