Mentone General Practice is a GP clinic in Mentone, Bayside, South East Melbourne, Victoria, 3194.

Services at Mentone General Practice – medical clinic in Bayside.

  • General Practice
  • STD / STI check
  • Women’s health
  • Travel Vaccination
  • Child Vaccination
  • Iron infusions
  • Vitamin injections

Changes to Fees at Mentone General Practice – medical clinic in Bayside – announcement.

We have an important announcement regarding the introduction of some private fees at Mentone General Practice.


Due to rising operational costs over the past decade, coupled with minimal increases in Medicare rebates, we find ourselves in the position of needing to implement private fees for certain services. Despite our reluctance, the Australian Government’s freeze on Medicare rebates for seven years has made this necessary.


We understand that this change may impact our patients, and so we’ve carefully considered how to minimize any inconvenience. Our aim is to maintain access to high-quality care while ensuring the sustainability of our practice.

Fee Structure:

For face-to-face and Telehealth consultations, we aim to keep the out-of-pocket expenses (gap) as minimal as possible. The gaps are as follows:

  • Standard consultation (under 20 minutes): $40
  • Long consultation (20 minutes): $40
  • Extra-long consultation (over 40 minutes): $100

Procedures fees remain unchanged; only consultation fees are affected. Telehealth consultations will generally require pre-payment unless they qualify for bulk billing.

Safety Net Measures:

To support those most in need, we will bulk bill the following groups:

  • Individuals aged 75 and older
  • Individuals aged 18 and younger
  • Patients requiring chronic disease management services
  • Healthcare card holders

Additionally, certain specific services, such as seasonal flu or COVID-19 vaccinations, will be bulk billed.


To illustrate how these changes will work:

  • Anne pays a $40 gap for a standard consultation, with Medicare reimbursing $39.75 directly into her account.
  • Jacob’s ongoing care plan is bulk billed, so he pays nothing for his appointment.
  • Emily’s mental health plan appointment is also bulk billed.
  • Simon pays a $40 gap for his consultation and receives a Medicare reimbursement.
  • Simon’s follow-up recall appointment is bulk billed, so he doesn’t pay anything.
  • A subsequent follow-up consultation with new treatment and specialist referral will incur a private fee.

While we regret any inconvenience these changes may cause, we assure you that we remain committed to providing excellent care to our patients. If you have any questions or concerns about these fee adjustments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.