Q: Why do I need STD checks? A: STD checks are important to detect sexually transmissible infections (STIs) early on, even if you don’t have any symptoms. Early detection helps prevent transmitting infections to others and reduces the risk of complications, such as infertility.

Q: What is an STD check? A: An STD check involves testing for sexually transmissible infections, including common ones like chlamydia and gonorrhoea. It typically includes urine, blood, or swab tests to detect the presence of these infections.

Q: Where do I get an STD check? A: You can get an STD check at various healthcare facilities, including sexual health clinics, family planning centers, and some GP (general practitioner) offices. Many places offer confidential and discreet testing services.

Q: Can my GP do an STD check for me? A: Yes, your GP can perform an STD check for you. They are trained to conduct screenings and provide appropriate tests based on your sexual history and potential risk factors. They can also offer guidance and treatment if an infection is detected.