Everyone heard about the My Health Record. If you didn’t, it is a Government-run system storing your health information. It is designed to share information between health professionals with your consent. I cannot tell if there is foul play in that. I know that Medical ‘big brother’ saves lives. Here is my experience with the My Health Record.

I had to see a doctor a few days ago. My appointment started well. The doctor was very helpful. He ordered some blood tests and discussed the new medication for me. He asked me about my medications, allergies and blood tests I had in the past. I did not know the answers to all of his questions. For a moment I thought, how can he prescribe me anything without knowing all of my past health history? The doctor sensed my anxiety and reassured me that with my permission he could access my health record from other health professionals I saw in the past.

Every Australian has My Health Record. Some refused to have it some time ago.

With my OK, he quickly accessed My Health Record. He found all he needed to safely prescribe my new medication. After that, I knew how Medical ‘big brother’ saves lives.

What if I end up at the Emergency Hospital?

The doctor explained to me how My Health Record could help.  How the doctors there would know my past health conditions? They would quickly access My Health Record and find out.

Is My Health Record secure?

What if some hackers steal my health information? Obviously, My Health Record is as secure as anything nowadays. The Government promises that all care is being taken to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of my health information.

How did my health data end up in My Health Record?

Generally, your GP or other health providers would ask if you do not want any of your health information to be uploaded into My Health Record.

Finally, you can get more information about My Health Record here.