Advertising policy

The iSeeGP website allows the placing of a limited amount of advertising.

The fact that there is some advertisement on our site does not mean:

a. That we endorse the product or service advertised. Most of the advertisements are a result of the prior search activity of the users. All users get different advertisements displayed.

b. We take no responsibility for any harm from the use of any product or service advertised on our site.

c. Advertisers do not have any influence on the content of our website.

d. iSeeGP does not accept any advertising proposals in order to maintain independence of our service.

Terms of service

Our site is not a source of any health or medical advice. There is some health information published on this site. This information does not replace your doctor.

If you have any health concerns, please, consult your health professional.

Our site is listing addressed and contact details of various healthcare services. We do not accept any responsibility for any performance, acts and correctness of the information by those services.

All information about any services listed at this site is provided by the services listed. We have no ability to verify the correctness of that information.