Sardines. Just a small fish or a superfood? One might ask.

Sardines are small sea fish. Anyone can buy sardines in cans at your local grocery store. Some fish markets sell fresh sardines as well.

This small fish is a healthy superfood. Superfood is a new word. The meaning of this word is that some food has many health benefits. Examples of superfoods are blueberries and avocados.

Would you like to lose weight?

The sardines are definitely, a part of your plan to lose weight. They are rich in protein. Proteine makes people feel full for longer. After eating protein-rich food, one does not want to eat for a while. It also helps to prevent cravings for sweet stuff.

The sardines are also rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to keep a healthy weight. Vitamin D also helps with other conditions such as weak bones (osteoporosis) and endometriosis.

Sardines are the best friends of your heart.

Sardines contain a lot of fatty oils that keep one’s heart healthy. These oils prevent clotting in the arteries. They also keep the insides of the arteries healthy and smooth. This ‘lubrication’ helps the blood to flow easily.

Do I look good? I have been eating sardines lately.

Yes, sardines make your skin look good because of the same fatty oils and vitamins mentioned above.

Is it true that sea fish contains a lot of poisonous mercury?

Yes, some big fish from the sea may contain unhealthy levels of mercury. Mercury can cause significant health problems. The sardines do not contain mercury because they feed on plankton, not other fish.