Providers of skin cancer checks report that people book skin checks in the summer. Almost no one books skin check examinations in the winter. This can be easily explained. People become worried about their skin when they suffer a bit of sunburn in the summer. They immediately think they have developed some skin cancer and need a doctor’s check-up.

The truth is that all people need a regular skin check regardless of the season. Even more so, people need a general health check-up, including skin examination after winter.

Vitamin D is an essential chemical produced by skin exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is responsible for bone strength, mental health and the immune system. The immune system fights bugs, bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. The immune system also fights cancers. The level of Vitamin D drops in the winter. The immune system fails to fight bugs and cancers when Vitamin D levels are low.

Book an appointment for your skin check-up in any season with a reliable skin check clinic.


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