Are Genital Warts an STD?

Good News: Genital warts can be managed.

Not-so-good News: Genital warts are persistent; they can’t be completely cured.

How They Look: Genital warts resemble small cauliflowers. In males, they can show up on the penis, scrotum, groin, thighs, inside or around the anus. For females, they may appear inside or outside the vagina or anus, and even on the cervix. They can also appear on the lips, mouth, tongue, or throat if there was oral contact with an affected person.

What to Do: Consult your GP or a nurse for advice.

What NOT to Do: Avoid sexual activity until you’ve spoken to a doctor. Don’t try over-the-counter treatments meant for hand warts; they might cause issues.

Genital warts are indeed linked to sexual activity and are considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD). While they can’t be completely cured, there are treatments to manage them. To avoid complications and further spread, it’s vital to seek professional advice and refrain from self-treatment. Your GP or nurse can provide guidance and support. So, if you suspect you have genital warts, take action, and remember, responsible sexual behaviour helps prevent their transmission.