Bulk billing STD / STI checks in Bayside.

Mentone General Practice, a Bayside-based GP clinic, provides essential STD/STI checks for all individuals. The clinic adopts a pragmatic approach by billing bulk for STD checks and subsequent consultations, relieving patients of any direct expenses for testing and potential treatment.

Notably, the clinic acknowledges the silent prevalence of STDs among individuals aged 16 to 29, where up to 5% may be carriers without experiencing symptoms. This underscores the importance of regular testing as the primary means of detection, which is crucial for both individual health and community well-being.

Please read the article titled “Regular STD Checks Are Vital” on the necessity of proactive testing. (https://www.iseegp.com.au/health-digest/regular-std-checks-are-vital/).

In summary, Mentone General Practice stands as a practical and accessible healthcare provider in Bayside, prioritizing STD/STI checks without imposing financial burdens. The emphasis on regular testing aligns with the clinic’s commitment to individual and community health, offering a straightforward approach to preventive measures in the realm of sexual health.

66 Balcombe Road , 3194 Melbourne , Victoria Australia