Welcome to Bentleigh Doctors.

Welcome to Bentleigh Doctors – Committed to Your Health!

Greetings! At Bentleigh Doctors, our primary objective is to deliver exceptional healthcare to everyone, regardless of background or circumstances.

Our dedicated physicians offer a comprehensive array of services, covering preventive care, chronic disease management, childcare immunizations, mental health support, and intricate medical procedures. Our skilled nursing and administrative staff are adept at handling urgent matters, ensuring a professional and courteous experience.

As a family medical centre, we take pride in our comprehensive and holistic approach to clinical care. Our highly trained and experienced doctors are committed to providing a complete range of health services tailored to the needs of you and your family.

Conveniently situated in the bustling Bentleigh shopping precinct, we provide ample parking both at the front and rear of the medical centre. Exceptional public transport accessibility and two nearby pharmacies facilitate prescription fulfilment.

Respecting the value of your time, our appointment-based system is designed to minimize waiting periods. Relax in our spacious waiting area, where our reception staff maintains a pleasant environment for your comfort.

Ready to schedule an appointment? Contact our friendly staff at (03) 7034 7000 or click “Book Now” at the top to explore available slots. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we continuously strive to enhance your healthcare experience. Your well-being is our top priority!