A study by a group of scientists looked into early eating for weight loss. The proper word for early eating is Early time-restricted feeding (eTRF).

Early time-restricted feeding (eTRF) means you eat only in the first six to eight hours of the day. Some studies think this kind of fasting might make your heart and metabolism healthier and control your blood sugar better. Of course, there are other ways to lose weight.

The study checked if eating early helps with weight loss and health. Adults with obesity got weight-loss help for 14 weeks. Some ate early in an 8-hour window, others over 12 hours.

Results: Early eaters lost more weight (2.3 kg) but not more body fat. Their blood pressure improved, and their mood got better. Early eating was like eating 214 fewer calories. It’s a good choice for weight loss and health.

In a different study, researchers explored whether intermittent fasting (IF) offers health benefits beyond just weight loss. In this controlled feeding trial, participants received enough food to maintain their weight. The emphasis was on early time-restricted feeding (eTRF), where individuals eat early to align with their body’s natural rhythm. Men with prediabetes were randomly assigned to either eTRF (a 6-hour eating period, finishing dinner by 3 p.m.) or a standard schedule (a 12-hour eating period) for 5 weeks before switching. eTRF demonstrated improvements in insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and other factors. This suggests that eTRF can boost cardiometabolic health, highlighting that the benefits of IF extend beyond simple weight loss.


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